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Loving Me: The 5 Connections to Loving Yourself

Loving Me provides the mental, emotional, physical & soul filled tools in 5 Steps to Connect to Yourself to live the life you’d love to live!

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Topics include:

  • Connecting with Your Mind: How our self-talk, emotions and intuition work for or against our health goals and how to re-set our mindset
  • Connecting with Your Heart: Exploring our relationship with ourselves
  • Connecting with Your Relationships: How we treat the world around us
  • Connecting with Your Body: How to move out of love and not punishment
  • Connecting with Your Soul: Integrating “The Loving Me Lifestyle” to find true and lasting wellness

“Natalie Leon is a very compassionate, thoughtful, and gifted messenger of the body, mind and spirit.  She has a very genuine and charismatic approach to her writing and knowledge which allows the reader to feel present and welcomed.  Which in turn creates space for a reader to grow internally on their own individual journey of self-love, body appreciation, and efficacy.” -Debra Hopkins, President/Founder, Breaking The Chains Foundation, American Council on Exercise Health Coach & Behavior Change Specialist

“In Loving Me, Natalie Leon offers readers hope and help. If you are tired of battling yourself and ready to get on a path to body confidence, this quick read may be just what you need.” -Dr Gia Marson, Psychologist, and author of “The Binge Eating Prevention Workbook”

We are taught that when you get in “shape” then you will finally love yourself. It is actually the opposite! When we love ourselves then we will take care of ourselves mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, thus “shaping” our best selves. It’s not about willpower…its about empowering YOU!”

Natalie Leon

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