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“I coach people who have tried everything, feel disconnected, and feel like nothing works or continues to deliver results after the extreme routine is over. When we begin to look at our weight as a symptom of our life unbalanced, we can finally break through to re-balance our lives to live as our true, authentic selves.”

You can be happy and healthy when you LOVE and OWN all of you!

Natalie Leon

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Loving Me

This book, journal and video create sustainable results because they re-connect YOU to YOU through a physical, mental, and spiritual lifestyle change and not a quick fix. LOOKING good is a side-effect of FEELING good!

Natalie Leon - Retreats

Retreats in Paradise! Treat yourself with the love you deserve in a safe place with fun fitness!  Learn about your relationship with food, exercise & your body to FINALLY see the TRUE "RESULTS” you’ve been waiting to FEEL!


Body Confidence Wellness & Fitness incorporating mindful movement: A customized blend of your choice of Strength, Barre, Pilates, Yoga & more, integrating all things Wellness to transform the mind & body and start LOVING YOU!

Fitness Pros

Gather your fellow colleagues and get away to the beach to refresh and re-energize your classes. In this ultimate bonding experience, re-discover what makes YOU unique and watch your classes grow in size and in DEPTH!