Natalie Leon

Wellness & Fitness Advocate

Natalie’s Story

Natalie Leon, secretly known to her clients as The Wellness Whisperer, helps people heal their relationship with body image & food through mindful movement, intuitive nutrition and a healthy mindset. 

As a Wellness, Fitness & Body Image Advocate, Eating Disorder Survivor, Keynote Speaker, and Coach to Fitness Professionals, Natalie is the owner of Loving Me LLC, Author of Loving Me and creator of Loving Me Fitness and Loving Me Retreats.

Natalie has partnered with lululemon and the national non-profit, Breaking The Chains Foundation, to continue to share her message of wellness and self-worth.

Professionally, over the last 25 years, Natalie graduated Magna Cum Laude from UCLA, is Yoga Alliance, AFFA and AMFPT certified. She holds certifications in all areas of group and private fitness including Yoga (E.R.Y.T), Pilates, PiYo, Pound, Cycle, Barre, Kickboxing, Dancers Workout, Zumba, Aerial, Aqua Aerobics, Strength Training formats, Thai Yoga Massage and more.


The Why

At a young age, Natalie embarked on a life challenge for self-worth that unbeknownst to her at the time, would years later become her gift to others. Her transition from New Orleans to Southern California threw her into turmoil as a young girl trying to understand herself in a new world of “you are what you look like.” As an actress at UCLA, Natalie became acquainted with the pressures of Hollywood.  She began raising awareness about body image by writing, directing and performing in plays. She worked closely with the Chancellor of UCLA, helping under-privilege high school students in South Central showcase their stories and ran a support group on her college campus for young girls. 

Nonetheless, her own struggles continued for years, as the negative energy began to take over her life.  All while a genetic condition, called Periodic Paralysis, began to emerge.  It was in deepening her spirituality, Yoga practice, holistic medicines and incorporating her own practices that the shift towards the positive began.

In 2000 Natalie created Natalie Leon, LLC and began her Personal Training and Fitness Instructing career in Southern California and then moved to Hawaii to co-create an eating disorder clinic for women and girls.  She later expanded her reach to Florida, where in 2015, she co-created a women’s boutique wellness center, offering fitness and wellness classes as well as workshops focusing on the entire being.  She led a team of over 30+ fitness professionals in spreading the messages within her book, Loving Me.

Natalie Leon, LLC has expanded to include Loving Me Retreats in luxurious, beachfront accommodations in the Florida Panhandle. Her Retreats are custom designed for clients ranging from the novice looking to re-charge their wellness to the fitness professional ready to soar to the next level of their career.

Present in all her work is “The Loving Me Lifestyle” based on her book, Loving Me which shares the 5 Connections to Loving Yourself.  Natalie empowers people to LOVE and OWN all of who they are, right here and now. She is a walking testimony that a balanced approach to wellness and a connection to self-worth empowers a human being to live their lives to their fullest potential!

Nats Health Story

Why is health and wellness so important to me personally? We have a joke in my family that I am the healthiest, unhealthy person you will ever meet. I have had panels of doctors throughout the years want to study my case because they attribute the success I have had in managing my health condition to the lifestyle I chose to live. I have to walk my talk or I don’t walk!

When I was 18, I began experiencing symptoms from a genetic condition called Periodic Paralysis, where every muscle in my body goes completely paralyzed anywhere from ten minutes to an hour. Sometimes I will have several episodes in a day and sometimes I won’t have any for weeks. I was not formally diagnosed until I was 36 years old and up to that time it was a very scary ride. My hope is to educate others not only about this condition, in the case it may help anyone looking for answers, but also to share the importance of a healthy lifestyle in managing and perhaps even preventing any health condition from surfacing in your life.

I share how I continue to overcome this part of my story on my social media platforms so please follow along there for daily inspirations!

"Looking good is just a side-effect of FEELING good when you truly LOVE & OWN ALL of YOU!" -Natalie

bits of love

Giving Back in memory of Bitsy-Anne: the rescue dog, who rescued me…

On my precious dogs last day on this earth, we had a business meeting and I promised her that I would create a fund in honor of her called Bits of Love.  Bitsy-Anne was our rescue dog, and as they say…she rescued us over the last 10 years.  She was such an incredible little soul and my intention is to keep her memory alive by giving Bits of every purchase to her cause- to end animal abuse, neglect and to find a loving home for every pet!

A percentage of each transaction will go to Bits of Love to help other animals that are waiting to change someone’s life for the better!

Bitsy-Anne and I were so connected that she could sense when my attacks of Periodic Paralysis were coming.  She would approach me and when I would sit down she would put her little paws on my chest so I would lay down.  Sure enough, within minutes, my body would become paralyzed and she would lie beside me until I recovered.  Like I said, she saved me and its my mission to continue to fund the efforts to save other animals just like my Bitsy-Anne.

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