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Natalie Leon on Eating Disorder Awareness – Eating Disorder Survivor, Body Image, Fitness & Wellness Advocate, Natalie Leon shares Eating Disorder information, dispels myths and offers tips and more on ABC News for Eating Disorder Awareness Week.

My Recovery Story

Natalie shares how her genetic condition, Periodic Paralysis, began in college at UCLA as an actress and culminated into an Eating Disorder, body image issues, depression and anxiety. She discusses how the tools she created in her “Loving Me Lifestyle” helped her and now others through the healing journey.

WELLNESS not Weight

If our weight is a “symptom”, then what’s your weight telling you? Finally, you can get off of the treadmill of body/life dis-satisfaction and find freedom! I am the Coach I wish I had when I was going through a time when I felt very disconnected to my body, mind and spirit. I will not only share my knowledge and experience on my transformation, but show you how to trust your inner expert to FEEL YOUR BEST, and therefore, look your best, too!

The Internal Workout?

Society may say push harder, no pain-no gain, or that your weight is your worth, but I’m here to remind you that YOU are so much more. When we workout our “why” from the inside-out, we then choose to move our body out of love not punishment which leads to REAL, lasting wellness. Learn how can this internal workout help your workouts… & your life!

Intuitive Exercise?

Do you workout because you have to or because you get to? The concepts within this video are a game changer on how you approach your workouts and your life;) Listening to your body before, during and after your workouts makes such a difference in how you feel. Do you practice Intuitive Exercise?

Why Loving Me?

How is “Loving Me” different? It’s all in the mindset of what’s motivating you. Instead of: “Sigh…How do I look today?” Try: “How do I feel today?” Chances are that answer will affect how you think you look. Love & Own ALL of you because it’s from this point that you can then move in the direction you want to go on this inside-out, self-love journey.

FEEL it to HEAL it?

Healthy-vs-Unhealthy Coping: If there’s anything that I have learned on my healing journey from my eating disorder & a debilitating illness, is that when we allow ourselves the space to feel we will heal! The emotion that we are avoiding is never as scary as the dark place that we remain stuck in if we choose avoidance. What we RESIST, PERSISTS! FEEL IT ALL! The good & the not so good. It’s facing up to it and through it that you will get to the other side! You can do this! Trust you will get to the other side of it and you will!

ABC’s of “Loving Me”

Explore steps A-E of my program I’ve developed over decades of working with thousands of clients. When my clients experience the LOVING ME Lifestyle, they enjoy more positivity and motivation for achieving their health goals, improved body confidence, strength and flexibility from mindful movement and increased energy and vitality from intuitive eating.

“Loving Me” The Book

“Loving Me: The 5 Connections to Loving Yourself” hit AMAZON’s TOP 5 on Launch Day in all its categories! “Loving Me” provides the mental, emotional, physical & soul-filled tools in 5 Steps to Connect to Yourself to live the life you love to live! Learn how to Connect with Your Mind, Heart, Relationships, Body & Soul by integrating “The Loving Me Lifestyle” to find true and lasting wellness. You can be happy, healthy and love all of YOU!

Why Yoga

Not just the poses, but the principles of Yoga brought me the most peace in the present during my recovery from my eating disorder, self-loathing, depression, and anxiety. In my book, “Loving Me”, I share these treasured components of the Yoga lifestyle and how when implemented can help us make a shift for lasting wellness from the inside-out.

Wisdom & YOUR Why

How to approach making decisions in all things wellness & why being vulnerable enough to share our struggles can help others.

Loving Me Yoga Flow

An example of Natalie’s teachings in a 10 minute relaxing & grounding Yoga Flow. As a Wellness & Fitness Professional over the last 25 years, Natalie graduated magna cum laude from UCLA, is Yoga Alliance, AFAA & AMFPT Certified. She holds certifications in all areas of group and private fitness including Yoga (E.R.Y.T), Pilates, PiYo, Pound, Cycle, Barre, Kickboxing, Dancers Workout, Zumba, Aerial, Aqua Aerobics, Strength Training formats, Thai Yoga Massage and more. 

Food, Feelings & Cravings

Want to heal your relationship with food? This interview is packed with tips that were not only instrumental in my recovery, but in the healing journey of the clients I work with as well.

Elle McLemore

Elle McLemore, Broadway & TV Actress, Eating Disorder Survivor & Mental Health Advocate and I discuss our Eating Disorders and share tips about the crucial changes we made on our paths to recovery. We hope this sheds light on a topic that means so much to us, and hope those suffering continue to find support and know a complete recovery is possible.  Also see: Natalie’s IG & FB @natalieleonlovingme and Elle’s story on her YouTube @ElleMcLemore

Are you ready to experience the “Loving Me Lifestyle”?

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